It is still 2016! It will be for a while longer, even. I continue to exist and I attempt to triage all of the things I want to make, all of the things in various stages of completion, without adding anything new to the list. It’s hard. Mostly, though, I spend time thinking about My Hair and What I Should Do With It. I mean, what should I do with it? I am unafraid of the ridiculous (“It’ll grow back” has long been a mantra), but I am limited in my abilities. I know, there are professionals out there who do things with hair professionally. But my God, I hate going to The Hair Cuttery. I despise it. Sitting there. The small talk. The feigned interest. The way they push your head down so they can cut the back. The moment when it’s all finished and you look in the mirror and think “This is not at all what I wanted, what will I do now?” Yes, cutting my hair myself means there is at least an 85% chance I will end up looking like a woman who has been off her meds for a week or so, but if it is to be ruined, let it be by mine own hand and also ruined for free.

Anyway. I have also painted more recently. It has been a good thing, but now I am out of canvases and my living room is full of my own art and it feels like some weird Ego Museum.

Having already finished¬†my two favorites, I did not continue the Geriatric Detectives series, opting instead to paint some Final Girls. Odd it has taken me so long…I’ve done¬†just about every slasher villain but I’m only just doing the slasher heroes? I am everything that is wrong with everything. But at least I have begun. And what a way to start, with the iconic Laurie Strode of Halloween (well, in this painting it’s Laurie in Halloween II if you want to be all pedantic about it) and my personal favorite Final Girl, Ginny from Friday the 13th Part II.



I didn’t want to neglect the geriatrics altogether, however, so…Golden Girls.


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