We’re a month into the new year already, can you believe it? Of course you can believe it, you understand how time works. Still, it seems to go by quickly for sure. Before you know it, your fresh start will probably be next year’s fresh start. That’s okay. The end will come either way. Happy New Year!

I recently did a couple of paintings just because, which is something I haven’t done for a very very long time and I quite enjoyed it. I have a couple more of these 18″ x 18″ canvases sitting around, so I think I’ll finish off what is apparently my Geriatric Detectives series. Jessica Fletcher and Columbo done, Miss Marple and…Quincy, maybe? Or Matlock?…to come.

mur col

The New York Times has been kind enough to ask for my opinion regarding some horror movies and the such recently; quite an honor for me. You can read about Final Girls here, or maybe you want to read about the French horror film Martyrs and its American remake here.

Back in November I spoke with Rue Morgue Magazine about my stick figure art and horror movies and whatnot; also quite an honor for me. You can read that interview here.

I’m wrapping up a look at the Nightmare on Elm Street film series over at Final Girl this week. There have been almost-dizzying highs, pathetic lows, and even a few creamy middles. I can say with total conviction that I will never watch a majority of those movies again.

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