Man, I gotta remember to update this site more frequently. I think it’s been abandoned so long that it’s actually haunted now. But I promise, for better or for worse, these words are my own.

Hey, but! At least I did some stuff since I last checked in.

SHOCKtober festivities just wrapped up over at Final Girl. In a reprise of SHOCKtober 2010, readers submitted lists of their Top 20 favorite horror films, I tallied the votes, and we counted ’em on down. 632 movies in all, not bad, not bad.

I’ve started writing about horror-flavored video games at Kotaku, and it’s kind of a dream job. Horror and video games are two of my very favorite things, and they are two great tastes that taste especially great together. If you’ve got one of them thar Kinja accounts (you can sign up anonymously!), you can follow me, which might make things easier?  I also posted links to a few of my Kotaku pieces here. It’s a great gig and I love it.

Best news of all, perhaps, is that Death Count is now available for purchase! What began as a tumblr project in 2014 is now a real live book that you can cuddle with, whisper sweet nothings to, etc etc. It’s more than 120 pages of drawings and writing. It’s essentially my love letter to the Friday the 13th film series, and I’m super proud of it. You can see some images and learn a bit more about it right here.

I think that’s mostly it? I’ll try to update again before a year passes. Hopefully I’ll have more rad stuff to talk about.

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