Death Count is now available for purchase, both in print and for Kindle! More than 120 pages of writing and art, with a foreword by Alexandra West (The Faculty of Horror).

“Stacie has always been one of my favorite weirdos. She’s funny and smart and draws cool horror stuff. Buy it. Be smug.” – Lena Headey (Game of Thrones)

“Within these pages, you’ll find rivers of cartoon blood and plenty of illustrated mayhem…but you’ll also find lots of love. The devotion, care, and consideration Stacie has given the Friday the 13th franchise through her art is staggering. Equal parts nostalgic and fresh, I want to hang it all on my wall. Death and destruction has never been more adorable.” —Michael Varrati, Screenwriter (Tales of Poe)

From “Crazy Ralph” to “Sullen Shop Girl,” Ponder illustrates the most exhaustive compendium of Camp Crystal Lake’s character deaths — and so much more — in one hilarious book. –Jovanka Vuckovic, writer/director (XX, Riot Girls)


Death Count began online as a way for me to pay tribute to Friday the 13th: the wonderful, awful film series that I love and that has been a part of my life for so long. Each drawing–pen and marker on trading cards–forced me to look more closely at these films I’ve seen oh so many times and to further explore my ongoing relationship with horror movies and cinematic violence. I’m still figuring out that last one, but so far I’ve learned that drawing cartoon blood sure is a lot of fun.