awesome movie poster friday - the CHILLING CLASSICS CTHURSDAY edition!

awesome movie poster friday - the CHILLING CLASSICS CTHURSDAY edition!

While snowed in yesterday, I looked at the paper sticking out of my typewriter and discovered to my shock that I had not been writing my masterpiece at all! Instead, I wrote awesome movie poster friday over and over and over. Yeah, I made some neat designs with the spacing and format and all, but it was a bit disconcerting nonetheless. Rather than view my fugue state typing as a sign of psychosis I am taking the glass half full approach and viewing it as a sign from Blog that I should foist an AMPF on the world, as it's been a hot minute couple of years since the last one. 

So here select posters from a few of the movies I've watched for Chilling Classics Cthursday so far. Some real bangers in the bunch!

I cannot believe Medusa has such a cool-ass poster. I mean, I can,'s Italian after all, and Italian posters are always preem. But the movie is not worthy.

That said, it does raise the question: is that a very large glass, or a very tiny woman? 

Also I suppose that's champagne she's soaking in, but it looks like something much less savory.

But overall this poster could only be improved by adding Cameron Mitchell. (You'll find that is true of most things.)

These posters for Oasis of the Zombies are way more sleazy, way more exciting, and way more fun than the movie is, that's for sure.

Hard to believe these all represent the same film, yet in my opinion none of them represent it accurately. Oh well, they all look good and take it from me: looking good is the only thing that matters. *nail polish emoji*

Speaking of inaccurate representations, this poster for Crypt of the Living Dead that has it looking like a wacky vampire comedy? Twas the style at the time I suppose (was it The Fearless Vampire Killers's fault?), and it brought to mind the cheeky/sexy poster for Dracula Has Risen from the Grave.

Two movies that were better than I anticipated, one that was not, but three great posters:

Well, I'd better get back to it. A madwoman's ranting doesn't type itself! ...or does it?